Question of Priorities

I’m not one to write letters to the editor regarding what I read in newspapers and magazines; however, I was so profoundly dumbstruck by the juxtaposition of the President’s letter (The President’s Report, 2008-2009) touting the belt-tightening that Fairfield has endured with the immediately following, Architectural Digest-worthy spread trumpeting the new $11 million Jesuit Community Center, that I do feel compelled to pass on my outrage at the latter. Even allowing for the fact that this residence was conceived during the high-flying days of 2006 when surely things would continue to be wonderful forever, I cannot fathom how the University could pursue a project that would cost $11 million to house less than 20 people.

Are the powers that be at Fairfield so disconnected from reality that they can easily accommodate a project of this size without questioning the ethics of such a project? While I would never discount the importance of the active Jesuit presence at Fairfield University, at more than $500,000 per resident, perhaps the structure should also be able to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.

Jennifer Toole ’92

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