Marathon Man

I loved the article about John Tartaglio ’09 (“Tragedy to Triumph” Fairfield Now, Fall 2009). Fairfield has had many inspirational individuals and heroes since its inception. I was fortunate to be associated with another exceptional person, Mike Wolcott ’60. Mike was an All-State athlete in track, baseball and football in Albany, N.Y. where he held state records in all three sports. During his senior year, he contracted polio which left him unable to use his arms and depending on a respirator to support breathing. After a three-year rehabilitation where he learned to type with his feet he was admitted as a freshman to Fairfield University in 1956. Totally paralyzed in his arms, he had to be dressed, fed, taken to the bathroom, and transported in a wheel chair by his classmates at Fairfield. During his four years he was an upbeat, enthusiastic, and positive influence at Fairfield.

Graduating in the upper part of his class at Fairfield in four years. He was then admitted to Yale Law School where he excelled, graduating in the top 10 percent. He became a partner in a prestigious law firm. He succumbed to a respiratory illness after seven years of practice, still a positive influence and role model for all he came in contact. His life was filled with many motivating stories about helping others and never feeling disadvantaged. He truly is a “Fairfield Hero.”

Joe Moylan ’60

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