Semester ends, new campus projects begin

Semester ends, new campus projects begin

Dear Friends,

We had a glorious spring on campus, with the lilacs and azaleas in bloom and Long Island sound sparkling against the horizon. The pace quickened as students prepared for graduation, and another successful semester drew to a close.

What has distinguished this spring has been the sounds and sights of construction. We are embarked on a number of major enhancements to our University that will significantly improve the living and learning environment for our students.

After a period of delay several major projects are underway. In December, the Jesuit community moved to a new facility at the foot of Bellarmine Hall, and what was St. Ignatius Hall is now being renovated into student housing. Meanwhile, we have begun construction of a new residence in the Village complex and a new residence hall in the Quad section of our campus. The plan is also to transform Dolan Hall so that it will offer more apartment-style housing.

When completed, we will have increased our housing capacity by over 230 beds, but most importantly, the quality of the living spaces for our students will have been upgraded significantly. We want to build community, and we want our students to have areas where they can connect with one another.

Also underway – near completion actually – is the Bellarmine Museum. This museum will house the University’s collection of fine art as well as works on loan from The Cloisters collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum will bring our students face to face with our cultural tradition.

The future is encouraging, and we are all eager to see how the culture of our campus will change as the living and learning environment for our students continues to evolve.


Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J.