Storm rips through campus

An unexpectedly violent wind and rainstorm tore through campus this March, ripping sections of the roofs off the Dolan School of Business and the DiMenna-Nyselius Library and felling a tree on the new Jesuit Community Center.

Several trees fell across campus, including one huge evergreen across the Bellarmine Hall driveway and the Centennial birch that smashed a window frame and window in the breakfast room of the Jesuit residence, coming to rest across the roof and inner courtyard.

The storm peeled back a 120-by-50 foot section of the library roof, exposing acoustic ceiling tiles to the elements and bringing soaking rain in two stories down. About 2,600 books – mostly science and literature volumes – had to be disposed of and will be replaced over time. Assistant Vice President and Director of Facilities Management David Frassinelli said roofers, an emergency response team, and staff worked to lessen the damage. “That quick response saved us from any mold issues,” he said.

The storm also uprooted fencing on the softball field and did damage across the east side of campus. Insurance money will pay for the repairs, Frassinelli said.