Strategic conversations continue

Faculty, staff, and administrators considered the meaning of vocational exploration and how the University can better encourage it among students at the second Strategic Conversation of the year, held March 19 in the Dolan School of Business.

“A true vocation should give one pause. It shouldn’t make sense,” said Dr. Dennis Keenan, professor of philosophy, who was part of a three-person panel discussion on the topic. “It should be a calling.”

Luis Ortiz ’10, also a panel member, put it another way. “It’s when you wake up in the morning and actually like what you’re doing,” he said.

Ortiz, Dr. Keenan, and panel member Dr. Diana Hulse, chair of Counselor Education, discussed the roundabout ways they found their vocations with the large audience – and the ways Fairfield is helping students do the same.

The new Office of Academic Engagement is working on a holistic approach to advising and mentoring students throughout their academic careers, said Dr. Beth Boquet, dean of Academic Engage-ment. She and others called upon faculty and staff to be open to helping students in both formal and informal ways. “We are all mentors,” said Dr. Billy Weitzer, senior vice president, “or we are all mentor-ready.”