Fairfield Ranks 9th Nationally in Salaries for Communications and Journalism Majors

Fairfield University has been ranked 9th in the nation – out of 637 institutions offering communications and journalism degrees – by PayScale’s 2018-19 College Salary Report. PayScale’s annual report, based on the salaries of 3.2 million college graduates, provides estimates of early and mid-career pay for 2,646 associate and bachelor’s degree-granting institutions throughout the U.S. For communications and journalism majors, PayScale looked at 637 institutions offering four-year degrees.

Also included with Fairfield on this year’s Top 10 list of “Best Schools for Communications Majors by Salary Potential” are University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Vanderbilt, University of California – Berkeley, and University of Virginia.

PayScale, Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand compensation data and software, and real-time, data-driven insights for employees and employers. Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies use PayScale for compensation decisions for more than 18 million employees at companies such as Dish Network, Getty Images, Skullcandy, Time Warner, T-Mobile, Macy’s, Sunsweet, UnitedHealth Group, Stihl, and Wendy’s.