Read more from donor Cristina Esmiol ‘16

Read more from donor Cristina Esmiol ‘16

Once a Stag Always a Stag! We learn that phrase very early on in our Fairfield careers. As a senior, I became tremendously grateful for it because it helped me recognize that even when my four years on campus ended, Fairfield would always be with me. The experiences, the friendships, the knowledge all stay with you long after 1073 North Benson Road is no longer your physical address.

In my nearly two years (Wow, how time flies!) as a proud Fairfield alum, I often reflect on how grateful I am to have attended Fairfield and to have had the most enriching and memorable college experience. One of the greatest things to experience as a young alum figuring life out post-Fairfield is meeting fellow Stags. It is so powerful to me how happy, loyal and dedicated Fairfield alumni are. When you learn that an otherwise complete stranger is a Stag, you immediately share a special connection. As an alum, I’ve discovered a new reason to love Fairfield—the incredible “herd” and community that goes far beyond the campus gates. As a member of this herd, giving back is a way to show my gratitude and support for the Fairfield experience. There are many reasons why alumni should consider giving back to Fairfield. Here are five things that inspire me to give back.

1. My Fairfield experience. At Fairfield, I discovered new passions, learned to be a leader and to step out of my comfort zone. I will be forever grateful for the all the opportunities I had while at Fairfield, but my on-campus leadership positions are what really transformed my experience. As a senior, I became a New Student Leader. This role really capped off my four years in the most positive way. I loved working with a group of student leaders who were just as committed to making first-year students’ transition to campus positive and exciting. To be surrounded by a group who loved and cared for Fairfield so much was amazing. As a NSL, I had the incredible opportunity to be one of the first Fairfield faces new students met and I felt lucky to play a role in their transition to college life. I will be forever grateful for that experience!

2. I believe in our Jesuit education. The Jesuit values really shape the Fairfield experience. When I gave tours, I always mentioned the values because they make Fairfield so unique and make for a really meaningful four years. Cura Personalis (care of the whole person) is particularly important to me. At Fairfield, all aspects of your personal growth are equally valued. Your academic growth is of course of the utmost importance, but so is your spiritual, personal, athletic and social growth. To be the most successful and happy student, it’s important to remember to care for and attend to all aspects of yourself. The Jesuit values guide us through our four years.

3. My friends. Fairfield is comprised of intelligent, passionate, thoughtful and kind people. I consider myself very fortunate to have made life-long friends while at Fairfield. I am thankful for everything Fairfield gave me, but I’m most thankful for the friends I made. Fairfield friends are what make college amazing, but what’s more amazing is that the friendships last long after college ends.

4. Our University has come so far and it excites me to see how bright our future is. It’s been less than two years since I graduated and I’m experiencing major FOMO at all the amazing improvements. Fairfield debuted it’s brand spanking new RecPlex, a shiny new dining hall and a parking garage. A new residence hall in the quad and DSB 2.0 are currently in progress. I’m sure there are even more incredible things on the horizon. While I’m incredibly jealous of the students who get to enjoy all these great improvements, I’m so proud to see the direction in which Fairfield is moving.

5. I want other students to have an equally positive and memorable experience. I’m thankful for alumni who shaped our University into the special place it is today and I want future Stags to continue to have incredible experiences.

Go Stags!

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