Student Engineers Pitch Solutions to Local Tech Firms

Student Engineers  Pitch Solutions to  Local Tech Firms

Last spring, seniors in the School of Engineering (SOE) pitched their senior design projects to their fellow students, professors, and industry mentors such as Precision Combustion, Inc. of New Haven, Conn., ASML of Wilton, Conn., Covidien LP, Northeast Laser & Electropolish of Monroe, Conn., and the Federal Aviation Administration. Among some of the projects was a device that makes drug testing more humane, a system that helps make air traffic control safer and a machine that makes jewelry manufacturing more efficient.

The teams worked for two full semesters and through multiple design phases to develop their plans and in some cases, prototypes. The student teams, from four undergraduate engineering programs (computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering) received funding for their research and development through the Hardiman-Lawrence research funding endowment and other professional mentors. Student teams had to apply either to the University or to an outside company with a formal proposal for acceptance before beginning research and they were not allowed to use any pre-build kits or plans.

After the presentations the student projects live on in multiple ways. If they were sponsored by an outside organization, that organization will work to complete the actual system and implement it in their process. Some projects need refinement and the SOE will spend another year developing a final working product. Additionally, some students go on to participate in the annual Fairfield StartUp Showcase, with the possibility of investors fully funding their projects to give them market accessibility. ●F