Fairfield Among Global “Rising Stars” in Higher Ed

A recent international study by UK-based higher education consultant Firetail, has placed Fairfield University on its rising “Class of 2030” list, among a new generation of “challenger universities,” with the potential to become globally influential institutions over the next 10 to 20 years.

Among the list of 20 “rising stars” in global higher education, Fairfield University is one of nine U.S. universities. Worldwide, institutions in the U.K., Germany, Finland, Australia, Japan and South Korea are also included on the list of “ambitious and fast-
improving” universities positioned to capitalize on global trends that create unique opportunities for innovation.

The Report entitled, “Class of 2030: Which Universities Will Rise — and How Will They Do It?”, analyzed six years of research citation rankings for the top 2,000 universities, along with key organizational and country features, to identify fast-improving universities.

According to the report, “Class of 2030” universities have made a commitment to becoming regional or global leaders and will balance long-term vision with short-term execution of strategy. “They will have a clear view of the changing world and their role in it, and they will innovate, harnessing new partnerships, new networks, new resources and institutional models.” ●F