The Conroy Family

The Conroy Family

The Conroy Family Legacy

The Conroy family’s dedication to Fairfield runs deep. It started with John Conroy ’69, who lived in Gonzaga on campus, played club football and graduated Fairfield during its last year as an all-male school to become a CPA. Then, all six of the Conroy children attended Fairfield and two married Fairfield alumni: Sean Conroy ’94 and Nora (Daley) Conroy ’95; Kristina (Conroy) Sweeney ’96 and John Sweeney ’94; Kevin Conroy ’98; Jill Conroy ’99; Brian Conroy ’01; and Patrick Conroy ’05.

The family’s love for Fairfield was nurtured from the beginning; when the Conroy children were young, their parents, John and Mary, would take them to visit campus for picnics with friends by the Bellarmine pond. John Conroy ’69 would tell tales of his college days and share the Jesuit ideals that shaped him into a man for others. Then, when it was time for Sean Conroy ’94 — the eldest and a lacrosse player — to choose a school, there was really only one choice.

Each child came to choose Fairfield on their own accord for different reasons, John said, “It really became a family institution. The greatest of friends and the greatest of times.”

The Sweetest Memories

“Kristy” (Conroy) Sweeney ’96 explained that some of their favorite times as a family have been just hanging out with their siblings and fellow Stags on the beach. The connection to Fairfield has been enriching for all of them.

“Being able to share your college experience with siblings was amazing. Their friends became your friends and vice versa. Your network grew very quickly,” Kristy said.

As students, they were very involved with Athletics and Study Abroad and had lively individual experiences as well.

Now they stay connected to campus by hosting admitted students open house receptions, attending Stagmates and other events and visiting Fairfield as often as they are able.

“Fairfield students and Fairfield families stand out for their warmth,” John said. “I can’t define it, but there is just something about Fairfield.”

On Giving Back

“The Jesuit ideal of being men and women for others is something that we try to live up to the best that we can,” Kristy said. “We feel very fortunate for all the opportunities that were given to us throughout our lives and it’s important for us to give back in any way that we can. Our last gifts to Fairfield were to the new Rafferty Stadium and to the Multicultural Scholarship Fund through the Fairfield Awards Dinner. It’s important to us to give opportunities to young people and to enrich their overall experience while at Fairfield. They are the future.”