A wave of new assessments show Fairfield surging ahead.

A wave of new assessments show Fairfield surging ahead.

A wave of new assessments show Fairfield surging ahead.

In a recent surge of rankings over the last few months, Fairfield University has found itself among the top universities in a number of areas — including overall quality, top rankings for schools like the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies and the Dolan School of Business and even shout-outs for being among the top schools for beach lovers.

The picture that is emerging is an encouraging one: Fairfield is highly regarded. Its programs are among the best in the country. Its students succeed. Taken together it is a hard message not to like.

“Our programs stack up with some of the best programs in the nation and seeing that reflected in the strong accolades we continue to receive has sent a sense of pride across our campus and beyond,” said vice president for Marketing and Communications, Jennifer Anderson ’97, MBA ’02. “We have put a lot of effort and ingenuity into getting out the Fairfield message out. Combine that with the strong ranking recognition, and overall, we have a lot to be proud of.”

Here are just a few of the rankings that have appeared in recent months.

Fairfield named among top 50 schools for highest salaries after graduation

Business Insider has named Fairfield University among the top in the nation for producing graduates who earn among the highest salaries. The report is based on a study completed by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, which looked at “four year colleges whose students go on to earn the highest salaries in the labor market 10 years after beginning their studies.”

Within the top 50, Fairfield ranked 33rd with recent graduates’ median earnings of $69,000. Among Catholic universities in the top 50, Fairfield was ranked the highest after Georgetown, Villanova, and Notre Dame.

“At Fairfield University our academic programs work closely with Career Development to make sure that our students have the skills to be competitive in the marketplace,” said Lynn Babington, provost & senior vice president for Academic Affairs.

Fairfield University ranks among USA Today College’s 10 Best Roman Catholic Colleges

Fairfield University ranks among USA Today College’s 10 Best Roman Catholic Colleges in the country. The article describes Fairfield as a school that “focuses on social justice and encourages students to develop both intellectually and spiritually during their time at Fairfield.” Others on the list include Notre Dame, Georgetown and Boston College. USA Today College also writes: “The Campus Ministry welcomes students of all religions and works to teach them about the ethics and values of the Jesuit and Catholic tradition.”

Egan School ranked among “10 Best” in Nation

Fairfield University’s Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies has been named among the nation’s 10 best schools at which to earn a degree in nursing. Joining the Egan School on the list is the University of Pennsylvania, in addition to other first-rate nursing schools affiliated with top teaching hospitals in the United States, including New York University and Johns Hopkins University.

The rankings were provided by College Factual.com, a site dedicated to providing current and prospective college students the information they need to make an informed decision about their higher education future.

The article touts the high percentage of graduates who find numerous employment opportunities and earn above-average national salaries. Additionally, the low faculty-student ratio and high percentage of full-time faculty members were noted.

Fairfield ranked 6th in the nation for aspiring scientists and engineers

Time MONEY ranked Fairfield 6th in the nation as accessible for students in the STEM fields. MONEY “scoured the data” according to the website, to find 25 great, accessible colleges for aspiring scientists and engineers. All of the ranked schools accept more than two-thirds of their applicants and have good graduation rates. And, according to PayScale.com, recent alumni who majored in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) earn, on average, more than $50,000 a year.

Fairfield’s Master of Science in accounting among Top 5 AACSB programs in New England

Fairfield’s Master of Science in accounting program was included in the Top 5 AACSB accredited programs in New England by The Accounting Path, an information website for students interested in accounting careers. The article recognizes Fairfield as a university that allows close relationships with professors and classmates, prepares students for success on the CPA exam and targets the “Big 4 employers” for graduates.

Dolan School undergraduate accounting program ranked #1 in Connecticut

The Dolan School of Business has been recognized once again for its accounting programs, this time being ranked #1 in Connecticut for its undergraduate accounting program according to Accounting Degree Review, an independent online resource which provides rankings and critical reviews of top accounting and finance degree programs.

Accounting Degree Review also ranked the Dolan School’s graduate program #16 nationally among 50 other schools in the country, placing Fairfield on “The Top 50 Graduate Accounting Programs ranking list for 2016.”

The top 10 undergraduate list was formulated by reviewing how each school ranked according to influential publications and websites including U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, Bloomberg Business, Princeton Review and Tax Talent.

Fairfield University makes top 10 list for “Best Colleges for Beach Lovers”

In a recent report, TIME’s Money Magazine named Fairfield University among the “10 Best Colleges for Beach Lovers.”

Money included academics as well as beauty in their consideration, writing: “They’re each high-value colleges with comparatively strong graduation rates and career outcomes.” The top ten were selected from their previous list of Best Colleges overall, selecting those in states that border the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. From there, they chose among colleges with beach access, eventually narrowing down the list to five schools per state, and finally one college per city.

Money highlighted Fairfield County’s miles of Long Island Sound coastline, which Fairfield University seniors enjoy, living beachfront during their final year of school.

Fairfield University’s location and appeal have been heralded before. Earlier last year, Cosmopolitan Magazine ranked Fairfield as one of the 18 most beautiful campuses in the country