Eidos Goes Commercial

First Dr. Curt Naser was a professor of philosophy. Then he dabbled in computers and created Eidos, a course management and assessment system used on campus. Now he’s a bit of an entrepreneur, having signed with a Shelton-based company to put Eidos on the market.

Last fall, Dr. Naser and the Rev. Paul Fitzgerald, S.J., senior vice president for academic affairs, signed a contract with Axiom Education to market the system to colleges, elementary, and secondary schools.

The move is believed to be one of the first times Fairfield has entered into such a commercial partnership. Any sales of the product will directly benefit the University.

“This is a big moment for Axiom, a big moment for Curt, and a big moment for Fairfield,” Fr. Fitzgerald said at the contract-signing.

Eidos is designed to leverage course management to facilitate assessment of student learning outcomes. The flexible system can be tailored to individual instructors’ needs and has a full suite of electronic communication tools, including a discussion board, internal messaging, chat, e-mail, and an electronic grading system.

Eidos will be marketed commercially under the name Mentor. The University is considering ways to earmark any proceeds it receives from sales.