Alumni Hall to be renovated

Alumni Hall to be renovated

Alumni Hall — one of the oldest buildings on campus — will receive a well-deserved facelift over the next few years, beginning with a new roof expected to be completed in spring.

Improvements began earlier in the 2012-13 academic year, when workers added new outer doors and more energy-efficient light sconces. Over the summer new windows will be installed, replacing the existing ones that have bars across them, said David Frassinelli, associate vice president of Facilities Management. Future plans include new flooring in the main lobby and entryways, an effort to make those areas more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Workers are also installing a new ventilation system, primarily in the locker rooms. These improvements will have a huge impact on sporting events at Alumni Hall, a welcome change for the fans and home and visiting teams. “(They) will help our athletic marketing efforts, which should result in increased attendance by students and the general public as well,” said Director of Athletics Gene Doris.

Alumni Hall is home to women’s volleyball and basketball, and is a prime venue for other campus events.

A more extensive renovation project is in the works for the campus Rec-Plex. Plans have been approved and the University is actively seeking funding to create an addition that would support fitness, cardio, and weight training, as well as substantial renovations to the locker rooms and Birkenstock Fieldhouse. Long-term plans include an air-conditioning system and seating upgrades.