In conjunction with Fordham University, Union Theological University, and Yale Divinity School, Fairfield’s Center for Catholic Studies coordinated a series of conferences on More Than a Monologue: Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church. Several hundred participants joined in the semester-long dialogue, intended to broaden the range of the Catholic conversation on LGBTQ issues beyond arguments for or against the teaching of the institutional Church. Fordham University Press will publish two books based on the conference papers, and the keynote addresses from the conferences at Fordham, Yale, and Union are archived online at


  • In Fall 2011, the Center for Academic Excellence and the Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee launched a collaboration on the Peer Review of Teaching. Four faculty teams across campus (Graduate Education and Allied Professions, School of Nursing, Visual and Performing Arts, History, and Religious Studies) worked on developing their PRoT system to promote teaching excellence.
  • Impact India

  • “Impact India 2021,” a research project jointly undertaken by the Center for Faith and Public Life (CFPL) at Fairfield and two Jesuit institutions in India, focused upon the sex ratio imbalance crisis in India, a problem caused when there are significantly more boys than girls in the country’s general population. Under the joint leadership of Dr. Gita Rajan, professor of English, and Rev. Richard Ryscavage, S.J., CFPL director, and professor of sociology and anthropology, Impact India 2021 completed a 10-month pilot study of the issue, culminating in a March 2012 launch in Washington, D.C. The event was attended by 125 people, including Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State.
  • Martin Fletcher

  • In April, Martin Fletcher, author, and former NBC News Middle East correspondent and Tel Aviv Bureau Chief, met with a select group of undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in television journalism in an event sponsored by the Carl and Dorothy Bennett Center for Judaic Studies.
    In a lecture later that evening, he analyzed problems Israel faces from Iran and other Arab states as well as Europe, and gave an overview of Israel’s internal conflicts. More than 700 individuals attended the event, which was funded by a gift from Carl Bennett of Greenwich, Conn.