Connecticut Writing Project Wins Award

Connecticut Writing Project Wins Award

The New England Reading Association has chosen three branches of the Connecticut Writing Project (CWP), including one at Fairfield University, to receive the 2012 award for outstanding contributions to literacy in the northeast corridor of the United States. The other two branches making up the “CWP3” are at the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University.

“We felt that the accomplishments of the CWP3 include recognition of student writers, continuous professional development for teacher consultants and outstanding teaching in the area of writing across disciplines,” stated the award letter from the New England Reading Association.

“Your dedication to the model of ‘teachers teaching teachers’ from the National Writing Project has allowed over 700 teachers in the state to benefit, strengthening their writing instruction for thousands of students.”

Dr. Bryan Ripley Crandall, director of CWP-Fairfield, received the award in Nashua, N.H., in August. “This is phenomenal news for all of us who support better writing instruction in Connecticut,” he said.

Over the summer, CWP offered two summer institutes for young writers and an invitational institute for K-12 teachers. “We believe in supporting 21st century literacies and advocating teachers and students as writers,” Dr. Crandall said. “At the core of best practices are those classrooms where youth are encouraged to write in multiple genres.” For more information on upcoming CWP-Fairfield programs for students and teachers, visit