Welcome to the new “Fairfield University Magazine”

Welcome to the new “Fairfield University Magazine”

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Fairfield University’s newly redesigned Fairfield University Magazine. As you will see, we have introduced a new look to your alumni magazine, as well as some new features.

Making these changes to the magazine has been part of a larger effort at Fairfield to integrate our communications, including our Web sites, academic and admission materials, and other publications. All of these initiatives are intended to support the University’s strategic plan – to tell the Fairfield story effectively and engage as dynamically as possible with the University community.

Last year, we held a number of focus groups to discuss what kind of magazine would best serve Fairfield, and we also issued a survey for readers in Fairfield Now. In general, most said they were pleased with how the magazine kept them in touch with the life of the University. We also heard from some readers that they wanted to read features that kept them more abreast of our faculty’s scholarly research, and that the magazine could benefit from more visual energy. These are among the areas where we have made some enhancements.

Fairfield University Magazine serves many constituencies, but it has a singular purpose: to engage us all in a conversation about the ongoing evolution of Fairfield. It serves as a forum to celebrate the work that we do, and as a medium for reflection on where we have been, and where we are going, together.

We have also added a new Web site for the magazine. There, you will find additional features and information, as well as links to other sources and resources at Fairfield University. You can find the website at www.fairfield.edu/magazine. We hope you enjoy the magazine’s new look. Send your comments and letters to the editor: ahighet@fairfield.edu.


Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J.