The Road to Tanzania

The Road to Tanzania

Fairfield students will embark on new adventures when they spend a semester studying abroad in Tanzania.

The new program, which began this semester, sends students to The University of Dar es Salaam, the oldest public university in Tanzania.

“The program was formed in order to meet the growing need of our students for study abroad options in Africa,” said Alejandro Martinez, assistant director of international programs. “By teaming up with the Jesuit community in Tanzania, the program provides opportunities for service learning, volunteering, and other mission-driven experiences.”

The Tanzania program is the first Fairfield University study abroad program in Africa. The city of Dar es Salaam, the largest in Tanzania, is a coastal metropolis with a humid climate tempered by steady sea breezes. The country has enjoyed peace, stability, and security since its independence in 1963 and has become a key base for the United Nations and many NGOs as they work in the East Africa region.

The program includes an intensive cultural and language orientation, courses with East African content, and internships and teaching opportunities with international NGOs and a local Jesuit high school. “It seems like an adventure,” said Pamela Perrimon ’12, an anthropology and theatre major who is studying there this semester. “I’m hoping to take courses relevant to my majors, one on African theatre hopefully, and a lot on anthropology!”

“What I look forward to most is interning for a NGO,” said Jasmine Fernandez ’12, who is also in Tanzania. “The experience of being able to intern for a NGO will provide me with the experience to learn more about the field. In addition, I will be able to have hands-on interaction not only with employees but more importantly with the local people.”